What To Expect

With few exceptions, the hiring of a lawyer usually comes at an unpleasant time in a person’s life. It is my goal to make this time as smooth and stress-free as possible for my clients. Often the most immediately stressful and frightening part of the process is the initial decision to contact and hire an attorney. Questions about the future, fees, and other concerns abound. This section of my site is designed to let you know, in detail, what to expect in the initial stages of interaction with me.

The first step is to set up a consultation with my office. I offer consultations via Zoom, telephone, or in-person appointment. You may reserve a time slot here.

At the consultation we will briefly discuss your legal problem and the facts surrounding it. Think of a consultation as similar to taking your car into a mechanic because it has begun making a strange noise; it is not likely that the mechanic will be able to fix the problem that very same day, and you may have to leave your car there for some time before the mechanic can accurately diagnose the issue. The point of the consultation is to begin to diagnose just what the legal issue is, if it is one my office can assist with or if it is a good candidate for referral, and if we are a good fit for each other personally as well as professionally (this may sound borderline persnickety, but consider that on a contested probate or other litigation matter, we could be working together for many years…you would certainly not want to be dealing with a lawyer you did not like on a personal level for that long!).

Additionally, I do not take every single case presented to me for a variety of reasons. These reasons could include the case being in an area of law in which I do not practice, an overload of current cases, or the case not being meritorious or worth pursuing in my opinion. This should not discourage you from bringing your case to another qualified attorney, as opinions can differ.

At the conclusion of the consultation, assuming I cannot provide an immediate answer, I will consider the relevant legal principles to determine the best way for us to proceed. I will promptly send you either a retainer agreement or a letter declining representation with a short explanation. As noted above, simply because I decline to take a case does not mean that another qualified attorney will share the same opinion, and I encourage potential clients to get multiple opinions.

Following this is not possible to generally predict, as every case and client is unique. If you retain my office and allow me the privilege of representing you, we will discuss your case’s specific strategy and needs in great detail. No attorney has the power to promise a specific outcome, but I do promise to zealously advocate for all my clients’ best interests.